They say firsts are always special.

Whoever said, that it was easy to write a maiden post for a newly created blog by two clueless idiots, was very very wrong. Sitting on my favorite arm-chair, staring bleakly at the laptop screen as I experience writer’s block of the highest level, there are some things that I shall attempt to write.

We are all passionate about something. For some, it’s something as meager as taking a beautiful photo and forever embellish the memories it hides in the minds of the people (yes, you prachi) and for others, like myself, it is to write.

Plain simple writing. Be it writing some love story at 4 in the morning or an article about something that makes a difference to me. It is one of the things that transports me into a whole different world.

The other things – being my love for clothing that has originated slowly over the years and continues to grow and my love for life in general.

And then there’s the girl with the blue hair  *drum rolls please* – Prachi.

Through this blog, our pretty pretty readers, we hope to share all that goes on in our demented lives and write about the things that light a fire of passion in our hearts – photography, fashion, fiction & love.

Your feedback would be appreciated x



P.S: It is impossible to write something about firsts and not take a moment to fan girl over Henry Cavill.

That man. That movie.



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