Fiction Tale: Double Identity- The beginning of the end

Hello there readers x

A while ago, I had written a piece of narrative writing for an AS level English writing sample paper. Those who have done the curriculum would know how hardcore it can be.

Anywho, this particular piece really grew on me, so I have to decided to continue it into a fully fledged story that would be posted on this blog every week under the ‘Fiction Tale’ section.

“Double Identity”

Ever felt like your whole life was just a one big sham? Threatening to crumble down at any moment, making you wince in phantom pain as you went down the memory lane trying to recall endlessly what got you in this situation in the first place.

As I laid on my queen size bed curled up into a ball, staring at the wall emotionless recalling the incidents of the previous night, this question loomed into my head taunting me with its mere existence.

Growing up as a little girl in Southern Alabama, I had heard my mother numerous times making references to a quote by a famous author as she spoke to her best friend about the woes of her estranged husband, “It is very hard to differentiate between what you know and what you believe in” and I felt a tiny sense of nostalgia bubble up inside of me as I could feel a kinship being formed towards my dead mother.

I still remember the grazing pain that had seared in my heart like a million stab wounds when I saw him with her and those children. On inquiring with the hotel’s reception staff, I had been shattered to find out that they were his kids,  that the ‘lovely women in the turquoise dress’ was his wife and they were here to celebrate their 4th wedding anniversary. Then who was I?

He was supposed to be at a conference in Boston city, I guess this is what those innumerable conferences and work commitments that used to come up at odd hours were shadowing.

Betrayal poked at me incessantly as I gazed at the man I had so lovingly called my husband for what felt like eternity but in actuality was only a year.  I still remember the first time I met him, as the starry eyed girl at the book signing of my favorite author.

“Is it just me or did the sky really open up to bring down an angel like you?” I had blushed turning three different shades of tomato under his subtle gaze. I was the shy bespectacled college girl majoring in philosophy and he was an up and coming young entrepreneur in his Armani suit and a charming smile. It was love at first sight – or so I thought.

“Are you here for the book signing too?” I had asked him pointedly avoiding the flirtatious remark he had made earlier.

He smiled in a knowing way, “In a way yes, Jamie is my younger brother so book or no book, I am just here to support him”

I yelped in excitement, “Jamie Collins is your brother! That is incredible, he is my favorite author of all time, I have all of the books published by him”

He was surprised at my sudden outburst and chuckled. In my fan girl moment of meeting the brother of my favourite author – all was forgotten. He suddenly grabbed my hand gently and led me through the crowd to meet his brother.

“Chase, who is this beautiful woman and how did you manage to fool her into accompanying you?” Jamie had quipped at his brother and I had fainted, not able to handle the excitement.

And that was the start of a whirlwind romance of 3 years that culminated in a wedding last spring with Jamie being the best man. In retrospect, it was all too good to be true.

I finally gathered the strength to get out of bed and seat myself at the adjacent sofa and stared at the divorce papers that were kept neatly on the coffee table.

After a heated match of confrontation, I had called up my lawyer in anger to send along the divorce papers first thing in the morning.

But was I ready to live life as Stella Rushmore again? Would I ever fall in love after this? Was it better that I made amends with chase; I could convince him to leave her. He did love me after all and then all would be perfect once again. Maybe he was the right guy, he just took a wrong turn along the way.

The terrifying feeling of living alone in this world with the social stigma of a divorce becoming the story of my life became embedded in my mind.

My chain of thoughts was interrupted by the doorbell going off. Neglecting my disgruntled state, I took strides towards the door and opened it to find someone who I wasn’t expecting to see.

“What are you doing here?”


Hope this managed to keep y’all engrossed enough to return for the second chapter next week.


Roohi x


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