The Truth About Photography

Yes, I am the girl with the blue hair, as very descriptively written by Roohi.

When people ask me to help them with photography, to teach them how to take a good picture, I simply refuse. You know why? Because photography, is a form of art and art cannot be taught. So how can one teach photography? Some of the best photographers in the world may teach you what a camera is and how to use it. But no one can teach you how to use this tool as a paintbrush and create a masterpiece with just a press of a button. That, is what comes from within. That, is what I call photography. That, is the beauty of it. Otherwise, wouldn’t every random person with a DSLR be considered a photographer?

For those of you out there, who would want to actually do something productive with your DSLR and not just be any one of those random people, you have clicked on the right article.

How to Use Your DSLR

The Basics

1. How To Wear Your Camera 

Before you learn how to use your camera, you must learn how to wear it, how to hold it, how to carry it. Unless, of course you possess the utmost desires of breaking it. For the sake of your camera’s safety, you must take its strap and wear it around your neck. Yes, like a huge necklace.  This way, there are less chances of it falling from your hands. While taking a photo, you must put either one of your hands under the lens, to give it support. Otherwise, it’ll be too heavy for you to even hold your camera.

2. Keep Your Camera With You At All Times 

You must do this, not only because there are chances of your camera getting lost, which there obviously are. But, because you may just find yourself in the middle of a breath-taking moment, possibly having the time of your life but then it dawns on you that you do not have your camera to capture this everlasting memory. It would be seriously heartbreaking to experience a once in a lifetime event without your camera.

3. Your Camera’s Lense 

The lense of your camera is the most important part of your DSLR. Whichever lense you have, you must put a filter on it. Otherwise, you’ll be buying new lenses each time they get dirty. And no one wants to spend so much money for a little scratch on the lense. That’s why they say, better be safe than sorry.

4. Your DSLR At Night 

The modes you use your camera with during the day cannot be used at night as well. I would suggest a tripod for night, for those of you who do not know what a tripod is, it is a stand for your camera to make sure the camera stays still and avoids clicking a blurry picture. A tripod is mostly used at night, because at night because of no sunlight and more of traffic lights, your images can get blurry and ruined, even if you position yourself to be as still as a pole.

5. Your DSLR’s Mode Dial

You must know when to choose which mode. I mean, you can’t eat a soup with a fork now, can you? The mode you choose is what effects your photograph. Normally, photographers choose the Manual mode and click images on RAW so that they can be clicked according to their choice of aperture and ISO,also so they can be well edited on the camera itself instead of say, a laptop or a personal computer.

Some photos taken by me with my DSLR:


Hope these tips are of some use to those budding photographers out there. Keep an eye out for this blog for most upcoming posts about photography with a DSLR and an Iphone

– Prachi


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