#Alternatives 101: Can’t walk in heels to save your life? This might be it!

They say that heels are a girl’s best friend, well. surely not every girl’s best friend.

Heels and I have had a love-hate relationship for the longest time, the love was and still are my undying attempts to walk in a pair of heels without falling face first on the ground and the hate of course was my inability to do so even after innumerable attempts.

In addition to that, my lower than average height (something that I am fiercely proud of otherwise) made me search for every possible alternative to the heel monster that there is.

So if you are anything like me, these options could prove to be of some help x

00078870-02 #1 Crisscross Wedge Slingback Sandals

Wedges are the comfortable yet stylish companions that make life a lot easier for a girl like me.
Pair up these vintage-styled sandals with a bandage dress or throw on a pair of black jeggings, and get ready to have the time of your life!

Rs. 1899/-

 00115446-01#2 Sparkling Jelly Heels

These low jelly heel sandals with a versatile design and a chunky sole (besides the cheap price tag of course) could be the perfect solution to those informal occasions where looking your best and kicking back & relaxing go hand in hand.

Team these up with a pair of ripped jeans and a graphic t-shirt of your choice.

        Rs 949/-

58356_98e996df0dbfdb7b0c3bd92ba413eed6_image1_default#3 Beaded Block Heel Sandals

Besides having a strap around the ankle for some extra support, these block heels with its open-toe styling are much easier to walk around in than those ungodly stilettos.

Team these up with a glamorous dress for the night.

Rs. 2695/-

#4 Ankle Length Black Boots

These ankle length leather boots, my personal favorites will go along with pretty much every outfit you have in mind and never disappoint you.

These would look amazing, teamed up with a faux leather skirt and a crop top

Rs. 4790/- Rs.2395/-

02247377-02#5.Pointed Ankle Strap Flats

And finally, them good ol’ flats when you have ultimately realized that you couldn’t care less about those off-hand remarks about your height and embrace the comfort of these flats. These  would  also enhance your outfit like never before, thanks to the pointed toe.

Team these up with whatever you want, because they would go with everything. (Almost.)

            Rs. 949/-


Roohi x


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