White is the new black! 

Hellooo my lovelies. 

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything due to college around the corner and tremendous work! My apologies for that. 

They say that fashion has no language. It speaks to every single human being on this planet – be it the fashionable traditional Indian ladies of that big house on the corner or them boho American gypsies. 

Your clothes define you and bring out the best of you to the world around you.  

Clothes also have the power to completely transform a person. I have always been the kind of person to shy away from palazzos, culottes and jumpsuits because of my shorter height. 

I was in for a mind set change at my pre-college shopping spree as I tried on a pair of gorgeous culottes (the store guys call them palazzos though, but they resemble culottes more in design) from Vero Moda teamed up with a pretty white crop top from Forever New. 

Snapshot below:-   

If you like this look and do not want to run from store to store looking for similar clothes, you can shop the look here at:-


 Sale price:- Rs. 2395/- only 

And find these pants at the nearest Vero Moda outlet. Ask for “white palazzo pants” 


Sale price:- Rs. 1900/- only 

 So lesson learnt, like how with everything in life we should push our boundaries a little and get out of our conventional lifestyle, with fashion too, experimenting is a must. 

The end result might just surprise you and show you the road to enlightenment! 


– Roohi

P.S:- if you haven’t already, go check out our alternatives to heels to live out this experimenting streak to its peak. 


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