Forever 21, for the win 💕

If you haven’t been living under a rock as of late, I am pretty sure the “Forever 21 Flat Price Sale” rings a bell or two for you.

Since the opening of this international clothing brand known for its cutesy and contemporary clothing style and accessory line, It has gained popularity quite quickly as a fashion label.

The first time I encountered forever 21 in India was by stumbling upon the online store and I knew it was love at first sight. Being a loyal forever 21 customer, it was next to impossible for me to NOT check out the flat price sale  online AND at the outlet store located at Pune city, India.

Although, not exceedingly impressive, I was satisfied with my purchases.

From my haul:-

This gorgeous dress was like a perfect blend of old school elegance and modern day sizzle.

Style tip: Team this up, with a pair of black kitten heels.

Approx. Rs. 1700 after discount.

These shoes paired up with your formal pants and a milky shirt could make for a perfect day at work or for them formals only college days.

Style tip:- With formals, it’s always great to layer with different kinds of Blazers. I shall be doing a separate post about formal looks and how they are enhanced with Blazers.

Look for water fall Blazers at your nearest vero moda outlet. They compliment a girl’s figure in the right places.

Rs. 999/-
 Since I love all things forever 21 and the bright pop of these flip flops were quick to catch my eyes, I just knew I had to buy this!

Style tip:- for those lazy days at the beach, team these up with your favourite white tee and floral skirt.

Rs. 100/- 
Compact mirror:-Rs. 295/-

The girly girl in me cannot survive without these adorable compacts, available in a variety of designs.

Although, handle with care as a slight drop too can lead to a crack in the mirror. Makes me wonder about the quality though.

Sunglasses – Rs. 700/- (😱 so cheap)

Cute. Sunglasses. This cheap. Need I say more?

Rs. 299

As of now, I wear this tiny little chain everyday. I think every girl needs to wear something around her neck at all times. Somehow, this has managed to compliment all of my outfits.

So that was that.

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend 💃



P.S:  Is it just me or this the season for change?


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